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The best window fashion for the consumer who wants a classic look? Paramount vertical collection fits traditional tastes perfectly. And the neat, streamlined appearance of vertical blinds is especially well-suited for narrower windows or doorways because of its height-conscious design. Paramount vertical blinds can be used as a sophisticated substitute and as a complimentary design for draperies in any room of the home or office. Vertical blinds will turn your large windows and patio doors into decorating assets. They control light, provide privacy and create a clean-lined, well-proportioned look. They'll fit and function flawlessly because we custom-make them to your window size.

Paramount vertical blinds are constructed from sturdy PVC, with tracks cast from anodized aluminum. Tracks can be configured for a one-way draw, split draw, center stack, or opposite stack to suit personal preference; the direct drive control unit with large sprocket wheel provides a smooth and responsive operation.





For more information on available colors, options, specifications, and instructions for our products, please consult  Paramount catalog..





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