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Be energy smart! Paramount Honeycomb shades are the pinnacle of energy efficiency. With their double honeycomb construction, Paramount cellular shades not only provide the highest level of insulation, but also filter out harsh UV rays that can damage interiors and upholstery. Paramount shades can be customized to simply filter light coming into a room, or to actually darken an especially bright room. But no matter if your choice is for light-filtering or room-darkening shades, both models feature a uniformly white appearance from the outside.

Paramount  shades are custom crafted from 100% nonwoven polyester fabric for durability. Of course we build the standard rectangular shades, but we also design Honeycomb in a variety of specialized shapes, such as starburst arches and skylights. And don't forget to ask about our Duofold Honeycomb shades,

For more information on available colors, options, specifications, and instructions for our products, please consult Paramount catalog.